When I first started studying sculpture in my late teens, I fell in love with Giacometti. I wished to visit him in Paris and make friends with him, if only he was alive. I wish I could help Dac's dream of making friends with Larry David. Dac is a nerd.

Kali (2006-06-12): Shie, I love your Muku series. I think Muku needs to visit NYC next!

Louis Lefebvre (2006-03-05): Or you could also call it "Horus, keeper of the the underworld". I really like this one. -L

Louis Lefebvre (2006-03-05): I would call this one Time standing still. By the way I love the graphics for your website, especially the map indicating the where everyone lives. Nice work!

joelle (2006-02-24): amazing project shie. i think it's really clever. and dac,i would not be jealous of other paintings either. that lonesome dog is in a tree! i would have picked that one too! xo

shie (2006-02-24): this is between you and me, MT. No other collaborator did but Dac actually got to choose this one over the other paintings with both dogs.

Dac (2006-02-23): mt, it's because Shie was too tired to paint two dogs for me after doing ten paintings for her other friends. I did, however, get the biggest frame so I'm not jealous.

mt (2006-02-21): so Dac, how is it you end up with an image of a lone Muku in a tree? is it because you and Muku dream of flying? are afraid of the earth? were chasing the sun? have found your own tower of Babel? are building a nest? decided squirrels were friends not enemies as you had always thought? or are you both just showing off to Shie?

shie (2006-02-16): Hi Dac, Thanks for being a bar man at the launch. You worked hard serving drinks and made everybody happy!

Dac Chartrand (2006-02-14): Congratulations Shie! Thanks for letting me host the painting. I'll see you tomorrow at your vernissage even though you're sitting right beside me reading over my shoulder. Happy valentine's day.



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