Jean-Philippe & Valerie
Jean-Philippe and Valerie are the cutest couple in Montreal. We discussed what kind of photograph we could create for the second part of this project when I would revisit them in a few months. Jean-Philippe suggested wearing last year's Halloween Costume. Then, Valerie said she would wear a squirrel costume that she made and mentioned one of their friends had a rabbit costume (also made by her). I asked them to contact this friend for the photo shoot. Jean-Philippe told me to study Relational Aesthetics by Nicolas Bourriaud.

Robin (2006-02-18): These paintings are elegant, playful, and downright pithy on the subject of canine relations. Beautifully presented.

shie (2006-02-17): Hello Jean-Philippe, what is the name of your dog who looked like Coro but in black? What was he like? How big was he? oh, is it he or she? Maybe for the next Muku painting series, I can include him/her?

Valérie (2006-02-17): Ce fut un plaisir ! ;> Félicitations ! J'adore le site.

shie (2006-02-16): Salut Valerie C'etait plaisir de te voir au lancement, merci pour venir! I hope you made it to your class on time.



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