I grew up with second hand clothes given to me by my older sister. I never had to choose or buy any for myself. When she left home I had less clothes, but that was also the time my mom opened up her old boxes from 60's and 70's. I was “in” without paying penny. There were so many clothes that she asked me to sell them for 50 cents each at a flea market . At the end of the day, I still made $70. When I moved to Montreal, I knew nobody. I picked up most of clothes from second hand stores. I feel somewhat more comfortable with used clothes. Zoe is a little taller than me but she is petite. Some of her clothes which became too tight or too small were given to me. Lucky for me, she's got great taste. She even picked me up a pair of cute open-toe high heels at a church bazaar. Not only Made in Italy, but marked Boiogna! If they were not size 6AA she'd wear them.

shie (2006-02-25): hi Zoë, you recognize some of my outfit in the "backstage" photos !?

Zoë (2006-02-23): dear shie, i wish i looked more like my cartoon self! i bet she lives an exciting life, is always kind to others, and says only really smart things! glad to know that you don't mind me bossing you around by telling you what to wear! i love my painting. i usually describe it as dogs in paradise. xo Zoë



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