Jenny & Eloisa
Jenny and Eloisa cooked a wonderful dinner of steamed trout and squid rice for New Year’s Eve. We were flat on the floor afterwards due to overeating. It was so good. Jenny and I compete with each other to see which of us gets more rejection letters from art galleries. So far, I seem to be winning. Eloisa translates Knight Rider and A-Team into Portuguese. She complains that KITT the car talks too much.

tania (2006-02-28): Hi Jenny and ELosia! miss you gals! haha i love knight rider and a-team! haha i know i'm so sad...kitt does talk to much. I'm jealous i want shies work hangin in my home! oxox miss you both

shie (2006-02-22): Dear Jenny, oh well, sorry to hear about the rejection letter. The first one is rather dramatic, but then after that, you get used to it somehow. I have to go home and see the gallery list on my frige, but I should have more than 5 that were crossed off so far, I think I am still winning, right??

shie (2006-02-16): Hi, Jenny Thanks for coming to the launch after a hard day of work. It was great to see you. I hope Eloisa is close to finish her writing.



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