Maria and I once biked in the rain during the hardest rainfall I ever biked in. Maria seems to be biking almost all year round. Pee-Wee's Playhouse never played in Japan. The only English kids show was Sesame Street. She lent me a VHS copy of Pee-Wee, every episode videotaped with 80's commercials. I watched them all and I was quite impressed. We will be organizing a “Studio Olympics” in May, anybody interested in participating?

Perrette (2006-03-17) (2006-03-17): Salut Shié! J'ai été contente de faire ta connaissance hier soir à l'expo de Maria ... J'aime beaucoup ton concept d'oeuvres investissant les espaces privés de tes amis ! Une oeuvre c'est comme une architecture : une fois réalisée, les gens se l'approprient de façon toute personnelle. Merci pour ces belles photos de Maria que nous avons utilisées pour son site web ( Au plaisir de suivre ton travail !

mt (2006-02-20): The over-arching narrative of the Aboriginal people of Australia involves the Seven Sisters, which can be seen in the sky in the Southern Hemisphere. I discovered something beautiful about this creation theory (to call another's reality a "myth" i feel is highly derogatory and demeaning) while spending sometime staying with a tribe in the outback near Uluru (the proper name of Ayer's Rock). You see in order to hear the full story one would need to cover the entire continent of Australia, listening to the elders of all the various tribes scattered throughout as each tribe is the repository of the part of the story relating to their specific region. What truly surprised me was to discover that apparently no one has ever thought to do this, and so the history of the creation Australia remains a scattered in fragments in the desert, the rainforests, the swamps and beaches. its beginning and end thousands of miles apart. the Seven Sisters themselves perhaps being the only ones who can read the memoirs they have etched into the earth as they gaze silently down from the heavens.



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