Andrew and I met for the first time in Lethbridge in 1997. He did not remember this when we met again in Montreal, by chance, in 2000. I still have his old business card as proof. Recently, he's gotten himself two new metal beams in his apartment and I was glad to be invited to celebrate them. A pleasant afternoon of tea and cake. Andrew was baking his special cakes all afternoon and the invitees tasted them fresh out of oven. The beams are black, I suggested that he cover them with mactac, the wood pattern of course.

Mme M. (2006-02-21): Hi Andrew. Thank you for the quick and positive reseponse! Masashi is very happy if you send us a proposal. We have so far only the material we sent you. ( Masashi is always too simple, no explanation..famous of this...excuse me) Any project will be fine, but we don't have budget for production & bring you to Tokyo...unfortunatedly. We have video projectors and king size printer + silkscreen facility (since they are print workshop) @ paraglobe if you want to use. Plus we plan to publish a book (I edit for September as TAS). The first edition focus on issue " Intrusion into Urban Space(S)". I invite Eduardo and his partner, Karen, and they contribute an art project on "La Copan" famous Niemeyer's housing building in SP. Its a paperback size series of books that TAS plan to publish from this year. We have 2nd edition with Editor, Imamura who is architect/ critic on someting about " Hannah Arendt/ architecture/ Art". Also We plan to publish a CDR book with our French friend, Catherine Baugrand (artist)+ Christine Simonin-Adam (Acorstic Engnieer). They made a CD at Architecture school on sound and architecture construction...sounds good, and we want to release it , may be this year... if you have any interesting idea on book...may be in collaboration with TAS and Burning Edition??? would be great, too. More soon PS: Would you response to my e-mail (not in this website unless its by purpose) if you wish to continue the discussion on "far Beyond". This is because my internet access is still dial up, and very hard to check website everyday. Analogue girl, Makiko

andropov (2006-02-21): Mme M, delirified to hear from you. I am intrigued by the french proposal at para globe, Higashikoenji, tokyo et autres. I am always intrigued by french proposals, and anything Tokyo art speak de Paris. Look forward to reading more soon. All requests will get a positive response. And I am enjoying Muku and Coro, with thanks to shie.

Mme M. (2006-02-20): Hi Andrew, its me, Madame M the fortune teller! You look so cool in picture. Shie may inform you soon about our upcoming project but, here I send you the french proposal. Masashi"curates" a show in April, and we are welcome you in interested in participate! LOVE makiko (I will be in MTL sometime in late Sept! See you then) far beyond artistes d'avril Dates : A partir du 10 avril (durée : à peu près une dizaine de jours). Lieux : Para GLOBE (Higashikoenji, Tokyo) et autres. Ce ne sont pas des expositions mais des présentations individuelles et collectives des artistes, qui auront lieu par-ci par là simultanément. Elles seront ouvertes au public mais ne seront pas dans le but de satisfaire sa visite. Les artistes se concentront seulement sur leur projet de présentation : installation, projection, performance, etc. Il s'agit absolument de leur projet. L'enjeu, c'est leur idée de base de l'acte. Leur présentation consistera donc en petit texte (et image, si c'est nécessaire) explicatif de leur projet. Il n'est pas obligatoire de présenter le produit de projet. Ces présentations participeront à la 15ème Biennale de Paris (en octobre 2006, voir l'information attachée au-dessous). Est-ce que vous vous y intéressez? Malheureusement, nous n'avons pas de budget suffisant. Nous pourrons seulement garder plusieurs endroits de présentations. Nous devrons demander aux présentateurs de prendre en charge la traduction de texte (japonais-anglais ou français) et l'envoie de projet à Paris. Si vous voulez participer à ce far beyond, je vous prie de nous contacter. Organisateurs : Masashi Ogra et Hiroshi Itami (Para GLOBE), Tokyo Art Speak The 15th Biennale de Paris will take place from 1st till October 31st 2006, in Paris, in France and several other countries. The Biennale de Paris fosters a dynamic whose aim is to reveal today's art in its more contemporary forms by encouraging immaterial art works and advanced art forms. These can be described as works of the mind embedded in the real world, which generate opportunities for thinking and awareness, or else belong to the realm of private, collective and social experience. Free from today's overwhelming aesthetics, immaterial art works and advanced art forms can be defined as free thinking asserting itself. The Biennale de Paris aims at giving back to Paris a major role on the global art scene through the development of a main innovating centre, working as a large network with core groups and interconnections, stretching far beyond its host cities and countries. Many projects take place abroad in their environments, while independent projects complement the program, and others are presented before or after the event. The Biennale de Paris renews itself entirely, today's reality is its reference. ("Experience a Biennale", by Paul Ardenne) The 14th edition of the Biennale de Paris took place from February 20th to March 15th in Paris, in France and abroad. Organigramme Direction : Alexandre Gurita Administration : Clotilde Piguet Editorial Direction : Stephen Wright Partners : BPS Conseil / Elisabeth Ilinski Difusion : Caroline Durand Colaborations : Paul Ardenne, Jean-Claude Moineau Projects : Yvon Nouzille, Solenne Ducos Secretary: Victoria Luta, Khalid Ezzinbi Support Comitee of the Biennale de Paris Amicale de la Biennale de Paris : Françoise & Eloïm Archives : Laurence Le Poupon (Archives de la critique d'art, Châteaugiron) Partners Soussan Ltd. - Fournisseur perpetuel de la Biennale de Paris art process - Partner of the Biennale de Paris

shie (2006-02-16): Hi, Andrew Thanks for coming by to the launch last night. I am glad to know that you like my face drawing. If you are serious about using it for your card, I will give you a copy, an illustrator file, let me know.



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