Louis worked on some famous movies, so I hear. He's got his policy never to show any unfinished projects to anybody, so unfortunately I was unable to have a sneak peek at what he's been up to these days. It is hard to believe that most of his beautiful furniture comes from the Salvation Army. His simple trick is to go there often.

Richelle (2006-03-14): Bravo Shie! Tu as beaucoup d'imagination. Beau projet. Bon concept.Est-ce que nous aurons la chance de présenter un de ces tableaux chez-nous un jour?

Darquise Leclerc (2006-03-11): Bonjour, Shie. Je suis venue a Montreal juste pour voir ton exposition. Je te niaise. Ca m'a pris 10 minutes a comprendre le concept. Tu sais, moi et le Hi-Tech, on ne fait pas toujours bon menage. Bien, je te felicite et continue le beau travail. Bisous a toi et a Daniel. Darquise

Jocelyne Leclerc (2006-03-11): Bonjour Shie, je suis chez Louis presentement ou j ai le plaisir d admierer ton oeuvre. Jolies couleurs, mouvement aussi. C est interessant ce concept d exposition que je ne connais pas. Au plaisir de te revoir bientot avec DAC. Bisous. Jocelyne

Dac Chartrand (2006-03-07): Shie did all the graphics for this website, I just take all the credit. Thanks for the title suggestions to my painting.

Marie-Josee Legault (2006-03-05): Bonjour Shie, Louis et moi sommes chez lui en train de regarder les Oscar et il m'a montre ta toile. Elle me rappelle ma jenesse et mon chien Max lorsque nous allions a la campagne avec ma famille. Ca me rappelle beaucoup de bons souvenirs. Bravo!

Louis Lefebvre (2006-03-05): Finally getting around to writing in. As you know Shie I am in the process of moving from my loft space so I've been pretty busy. But finally getting around to looking at the site and the other paintings. I have grown to love the painting in my room. It fits in really well in my room. The more saturated green scheme of the painting accentuates very well the grayer green of the background ciment wall. Also I love how the tinyness of the piece contrasts with the big empty wall. The piece is like a small precious jewel on a vaste cold background. This is accentuated in the evenings when I have the lights dimmed in my room and the soft spot light hits the painting. The frame also fits in with the vintage furniture I picked up at the salvation army. As for the painting itself, for me it evokes a very joyous feel. The dogs gleefully running into some other dimension. I guess because of the half dog disappearing behind the tree. It brings me into a world of imagination and fearlessness. No hesitation in moving forward. I will check in later to let you know how it evolves in my mind. -later



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