François and I met through Makiko. We had some fun wig parties, those were good days. Nobody knew why she had so many wigs but all the guests at her house each had a colorful crazy looking wigs. François looked somewhat natural in long dreads. On the day of installing a muku & coro painting in his home, François awaited me and my boyfriend with a beautiful, rich, and flour-free chocolate cake (with organic orange zest). His friend Mireille joined us for the celebration.

Mme M. (2006-02-20): Hi Honey, I ve sent you(cc Shie) my new collection, commission by Comme des Garsons...hahaha. Recetly I got Dalida and BB's DVD in my collection. They are awesome! C est genial gets crazy, Yokohama officers love it!We gonna visit SM club as "inspection" tour next week...The city seems hiding a lot of closet employees.... Chao

shie (2006-02-16): Salut Francois Merci pour venir au lancement hier soir. I will try to visit you during my lunch time and check out the Francois Morelli's CD-Rom, soon.

Sonia (2006-02-16): Je ne suis pas certaine de comprendre tout à fait le "trip" mais vraiment j'adore les tableaux! Y'a d'la joie et les cadres sont tout à fait appropriés. Une belle série quoi!



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