Ruey-Wei and I studied French together. We had 15 minute breaks every evening and sat down in a cafeteria. I often bought “chocolat chaud” for 60 cents to relieve my hunger and survive another two hours of class. Sometimes I did not have the 60 cents. I waited in line with Ruey-Wei and ordered the same thing she ordered “l'eau chaude, SVP”. I think this is some kind of Asian tradition which I forgot to practice. I enjoyed the simple taste of free hot water while listening to Ruey-Wei talk of directing movies. She also taught me it is important to shred documents when they are no longer needed. Convincingly, she has her own shredder at home.

Ruey-wei (2006-02-22): The muku & coro hanging in my loft- one could easily meditate with; it is that playfulness of the dogs and the space where the half circle devided the sky and the meadow with trees-my impression of that Japanese tranquility is undeniable.



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