Anu and her husband saw an ad, a house for sale, in a newspaper. They weren't looking nor planning to buy, but out of curiosity they decided to visit. It was a former elementary school. Within a week they were at a bank getting a mortgage. For the past 7 years they've been renovating the house, with more ideas for the future. When I first stepped into the space, I sort of understood why they had to buy it in such hurry. I would have felt the same way.

Ulla Wassenaar (2010-11-25): How does it feel to be a gallerist in your own house ? How does it feel to hang sombody else's painting on the wall for a short period of time ? Has it become a family member by now ? Are you going to miss it when it leaves you ?

Dac Chartrand (2010-11-11): I enjoyed your library show. So did our baby. Maybe she'll learn to read Finnish.



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