In Finland, the babies are left outside in their strollers on sidewalks. In winter they are bundled up with snowsuits and take long afternoon naps outside. Päivi's daughters were no exception. According to her, this tradition started in order to avoid the babies getting diseases from sick people. It was considered that the air was cleaner outside than the inside. Soon after they found out that the babies slept very well in the cold.

Päivi Karvinen (2010-11-15): Hei Kaima, Täällä Helsingin Kampissa päivittelen nettisivuille kevään ensiapukoulutuksia. Kovasti töitä - ja kovasti rock and swing -tansseja mieheni Timon kanssa. Mitä snuul kuuluu? Mukavaa marrasaikaa toivottaen ja marrasterveisin Päivi



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