Shié Kasai + 7 homes in Rauma
Muku & Coro (Landscape Paintings with Dogs)
A project with seven site-specific installations in progress


Period: from November 12 to 28, 2010
Location: at seven homes in Rauma, Finland
Collaborators: Riitta Attila, Maija Esko, Päivi Granö, Kaarina Nurmi, Minna Salomaa, Anu Sukanen, Elina Vanha-Patokoski

Can we find a place for art within the space of a social network? How does art function within it or how is art affected by this non-physical space, defined by human interactions and relations? “Muku & Coro” explores the function of private spaces as friendly, alternate venues for art presentation. Seven collaborators in Rauma play the role of gallery owners and host a painting on their wall for three weeks.

This project is performed during a 2 months residency stay (October and November 2010) at the Raumars A-i-R. This is the third Muku & Coro exhibition. While the first two took places at Kasai's own friends' and their social network spaces, this is the first attempt at bringing the project outside of her own familiar space. In the beginning of October, with the hope in finding potential exhibition spaces, a public “Seeking collaborators” announcement was made through the Raumars' mailing list, a local newspaper, and posters placed in town.

A group of seven collaborators responded. Seven installations were prepared. The “paintings” were crafted using water color and paper models; something similar to a miniature theatre consisting of several different planes. The painted dogs and local landscape were then assembled digitally and printed on photo paper. The image making process plays with the idea of physical models, perception, and the illusion of depth. Kasai's background in sculpture and installation are well represented in these frames.

The online exhibition showcases the collaborators and the paintings. On each personalized web page there's a guest book for comments. This project is in-progress during the exhibition period. Each installation will be revisited and documented with the hope of capturing different private (psychological, domestic, artistic) spaces as well as social or domestic interactions taking place.

If you are interested in hosting a painting for a future project in a different city, please contact Shié Kasai.

Shié Kasai is a visual artist working in sculpture, installation, and animation. Originally from Sapporo, Japan, she has been living in Montréal, Canada since 1998. She has presented solo exhibitions in Canada and been featured in group exhibitions in Japan and the Netherlands. Recipient of the 2008 Oboro New Media Production Grant in Montréal and a laureate of the map 2008-09 les Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes, her work has been funded by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. She completed her BFA at Hokkaido University of Education in Sapporo (1997) and her MFA at Concordia University in Montreal (2002). She is a profiled artist for CBC ARTSPOTS.

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