By shie_kasai on 2017-12-22 14:42:18

Many years ago the CBC had a program called ARTSPOT, they once came to visit my studio.

All of a sudden I recieved an email from the CBC. This year they decided to revisit some of their archive.

Here's one of the short clips aired on TV and some recent interview. They are also super nice to advertise my current (and slow) comic project!




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Kids Art workshop in Sapporo

By shie_kasai on 2016-07-05 23:19:47

(English version will come soon...)

現在札幌に里帰りをしております。姪っ子と娘の通う学童保育「ポンチセ ちいさなおうち」のお手伝いをしてます。

札幌に住む姉がこの学童保育の立ち上げに関わっておりまして、その縁で今回はポンチセアートワークショップ (Space intervention/interaction) となるものを一ヶ月という短い期間ですが行うことになりました。ポンチセは今年4月からスタートした新しい学童保育で札幌の中心街に近接した位置にあります。自然いっぱいのところでのびのびと過ごすのが理想ではありますが、都市の中では必ずしも実現されていません。




6月30日 活動内容の簡単な説明、海の部屋に使うガラス絵の具のお試し

7月5日 モビール用の枝と生け花用の雑草探し、生け花制作、写真撮影

7月6日 海の部屋制作1/3(海の生物を描く)

7月11日 海の部屋制作2/3(海の生物を描く)

7月14日 海の部屋制作3/3(海の生物を並べる~完成)、カナダで行ったアートプロジェクトのお話(外国における日本の食文化について)

7月19日 森制作

7月20日 モビール制作、写真撮影

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Art Souterrain 2016 in Montreal

By shie_kasai on 2016-02-27 21:16:53

The set of seven photographs from the Survival Japanese Cooking is presented in the exhibition organized by the Art Bank at Art Souterrain 2016 in Montreal! It opens on February 27th for the Nuit Blanche and runs until March 20 2016.

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Studio Clearance!

By shie_kasai on 2014-09-10 12:38:41

It's a long due I had to do this. This is not an easy process. After contemplating about this for some years I finally forced myself to actually doing it by asking some support from friends and colleagues. And I think it is a nice year to do it as I just welcomed my 40th birthday a few weeks ago. I hope that the works currently sitting in the basement will see some light at nice homes.

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Attends-moi! New comics in production

By shie_kasai on 2014-01-12 12:19:27

Since the arrival of our daughter, my life has been permanently altered and my art practice has been moving quite slow. And I came to an agreement with myself that it was ok that way. I can only do things I can do.

I decided to keep a record of this new life with my daughter, after the incident when she broke her leg, then she was 2 years old.  I felt quite horrible as a mother that this happened under my supervision, besides the fact that she was born premature. This experience was nothing like what my husband and I imagined of having a new baby, somewhat gave us a slap-on-your-face kind of a real harsh start. Life is tip·toeing on a thread thin rope. We've been lucky that she's strong; she survived without any health problem and is growing well. Having a kid is like each day is passing by so fast and intense that at the end of the day I'm too exhausted and can't remember anything, yet so slow as if I am waiting for something.

The story will be updated every Sunday. Only in Japanese.

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10 year anniversary

By shie_kasai on 2014-01-01 12:07:00

"Another Ordinary Afternoon" (animation, 2004) is up on Youtube.

It's hard to believe that 10 years can fly by so fast!

"P2P / Peer to Painting" (2009) is also up.

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Publication for Muku & Coro in Rauma, Finland

By shie_kasai on 2012-07-25 11:00:00

Finally, the publication for Muku & Coro in Rauma is available on line.  Available to download.

The print copy is also available to order from Lulu.com.


Texts by Hannele Kolsio, Shié Kasai

48pp / colour / 9" x 7"

In English

ISBN 978-0-9880306-0-2 (e-version)

ISBN 978-0-9880306-1-9 (print-version)

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Maintenant ouvert/Temporairement fermé Opening

By shie_kasai on 2012-02-26 16:51:55

Here are some pics of the opening of DOLLA-RAMEN, Februaly 25 2012.

More about DOLLA-RAMEN.

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Maintenant ouvert/Temporairement fermé

By shie_kasai on 2012-02-22 16:08:14

My dear friend Jenny Lin and I have a collaboration project called "Maintenant ouvert/Temporairement fermé". It is a site-specifc installation that takes place during the Nuit Blanche in Montreal 2012, also presented part of Artsouterrain that runs through February 25 to March 11 2012.

We're opening a restaurant called DOLLA-RAMEN!

Here's a pic during our installation on late Tuesday night.

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Finally, the site is up

By shie_kasai on 2010-11-10 14:42:48

It's been a lot of work. One month in Finland already passed. I haven't had chance to do any shopping except the groceries. I hope I'll have some time to get some souvenirs in the remaining month.

It started yesterday afternoon, the wind got stronger and stonger, then the snow started. It didn't stop, probably all night. We woke up this morning, everything was covered in white. I haven't gone out for two days, I don't know how cold it got. From the window I saw a mother carrying her child on a sled.

The website for the Muku & Coro in Rauma Finland is finally up. Phew, the first part is done! DONE! It's been so busy. But I still have the second part to do...

Pori newspaper covered the production story of "muku & coro" in Rauma on their Sunday art section.

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