The second week in Finland

By shie_kasai on 2010-10-13 15:35:03

It's so cold here.

Our apartment is about 25 minutes walk to the city central. Having a baby in a stroller, we have to walk there, even just to get decent groceries and wines. We haven't figured how the bus runs, they say every half hour, but that's pretty much all the information we got. We have bikes that we could use, but I'm not too sure how much longer we can bike. It snowed yesterday morning already.

It's great that a lot of people speak English here, but I'm pretty lost especially at the grocery stores. I haven't had enough time to really study how things are and how to read labels. I feel like I'm always in a rush, bike downtown to do some errands between the baby feeds, like every 2 to 3 hours...I've been doing 2 roundtrips each day for the last few days and this is quite tiring. I'm getting a lot of exercise for sure.

Anyhow, finally I'm making decisions(materials and schedules) about the project. I'm getting some responses from the potential collaborators. I just have to start painting.


Tags: Residency

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