English will follow. 学校帰りに葉っぱを拾ってきてもらいました。大小様々な形が集まりました。それをスタンプにして、森をイメージした絵を制作。最初は青っぽい緑。その後黄色っぽい緑の二色を使用。みんなの作品をまとめて壁に貼るとステキな明るい空間が出来ました。そこに公園で拾った枝を使ってモビールも飾ります。ぶら下がってるのは、紙の鳥。この世にいない自分だけの鳥をデザインしてもらいました。

The kids picked some leaves on the way to Poncise after school. Many differet shapes of leaves were gathered. They were used as "stamp" to create an imagined forest. Two shades of greens were used, first a deeper green and then a yellowish green. Once all the forest was put together, it brightened up the space. There we hanged a mobile built with the branches collected in a park a few weeks ago and some colored paper birds. Each bird was designed originally by each kid.