English will follow. 公園からの帰り道に雑草探し。なるべくいろんな種類、形や大きさの違うものを探そう、後で切ればよいのでなるべく長く茎の下のほうから取ろう、と伝える。花を生ける瓶から上に出てる草花が、どんな方向でもいいから、三角形の形になるように生けるとバランス良いんだってーと私がネットで検索したときに学んだ浅知恵も伝える。




One afternoon, we made several stops to pick some weeds and wild flowers on our way back to Poncise (After School Care Program) from a park. I asked the kids to find and pick different kinds of beautiful plants, and to keep the stems long as we could cut them later if needed. I also told them a design trick to make a beautiful ikebana, which I learned by doing a quick internet search,  that is to form a triangular shape with the plants when put in a vase. We placed all the greens on floor. Everyone chose a vase. The kids are quick in making decisions. Everyone made beautiful ikebana. I wished that they would work on another ikebana when the fall arrives with the fall plants.