Although I have never met Lauren in the above picture, I am very delighted that she is my collaborator. Many years before Lauren was born, I visited London for a few days. Nadia was doing her Japanese exams. She had to study more complicated Chinese characters than even I didn't know. Her husband Paul took me around the city. One place I remember visiting was the south bank where we saw a show called "In the dark - Spellbound:Art & Film" at the Hayward Gallery. I recall the big installation by Peter Greenaway with live actors in glass cases. We took a break and had a Capuchino, which was about 1.5 pounds. I was surprised how big it was. Paul is the tallest man I have ever personally known. I literally had to run beside him while he was walking so elegantly.

Nadia (2006-09-20): The scene reminds me of the film Ice Age, when the 2 prehistoric hippopotami stop in front of the last dandelion and go "you have it/ No, you have it/ etc..." before Sid the sloth arrives, says "A dandelion! My favourite!" and eats it in one gulp... I somehow imagine that Muku and Coro were doing the same with the acorn they found (they're dogs but why not), but then the squirrel jumped in and gobbled it... Maybe its my critical antenna being eroded by children's films (?) Anyway, it makes me smiles everytime!

Nadia Davies (2006-08-30): Hi Shie! You're so funny! I can just picture you running alongside Paul by the Hayward Gallery (you really should have sung "Slow down, you move too fast...etc.." to make him realize we're not all 6ft 2"). I've just shown Lauren a picture of us 2 on the Sapporo campus in 1995 (!) and she can't wait to meet you. Kisses from us 3 & see you soon xxxx Nadia



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