When I first met Kali she reminded me of 60's fashion model Twiggy. In 1966, Twiggy was 5'4" and 90 lbs. I've never asked Kali about her size but she always looked very cute in her mini skirts. Eventually I found out that she was a "quintessential vegetarian" and has never eaten any meat in her life. As I am omnivorous and Japanese, this shocked me greatly but then her look made sense to me. The last time I visited Kali she gave me a present, an early birthday gift, it was a beautiful apron from Anthropologie. It is so pretty. I have not used it as I do not want it dirty.

Kali (2006-09-20): You made a good hair colour choice because I had hair that was almost that exact same colour when I was about 20 years old. A little girl at the toystore where I worked asked me if I wanted to be the Ariel The Little Mermaid because my hair was a similar colour to Ariel's.



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