Shié Kasai + 11 friends - muku & coro (11 landscape paintings with dogs) long distance version
A project with eleven site-specific installations in progress

Location: at eleven long distance friends' homes (several countries including Canada)
Period: from April 2006~

Can we find a place for art within the space of a social network? How does art function within it or how is art affected by this non-physical space, defined by human interactions and relations? “muku & coro” explores the function of private spaces as friendly, alternate venues for art presentation.

The first Muku & Coro exhibition started this February 2006 and will continue until Novemebr in Montreal, the city where I live. 11 friends were asked to collaborate in playing roles as gallery owners and hosting a painting on their wall. Each collaborator receives his/her friends during the exhibition period, presenting the painting to them at his/her own will. To complete this project, each installation will be revisited and documented with the hope of capturing different private (psychological, domestic, artistic) spaces as well as social or domestic interactions taking place.

The second exhibition, Muku & Coro (long distance version) started on the April 8th 2006. A new painting was sent to Ms Makiko Hara in Tokyo for the art event “Far Beyond”. The remaining 10 collaborators are awaiting confirmation. The project website, the one you are currently reading, will be completed by October 2006.

These long distances between the 11 collaborators and myself do not allow me to visit them easily thus all the paintings, made in scroll style, will be shipped by mail. The contract suggests some handling rules but the final display decision will be made by the collaborators. The paintings will be presented to my long distance friends' friends who are unknown to me.

The collaborators will be asked to showcase the painting for approximately one year, sending me pictures and updates via email. After that, I will commit myself to visiting them sometime in the future (this might take several years) take photos of their life with the painting, have closing celemonies, collect the paintings, and end the exhibition.

As I receive the installation photos from the collaborators, this website will be updated frequently so please come back again.


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