Attends-moi! New comics in production

By shie_kasai on 2014-01-12 12:19:27

Since the arrival of our daughter, my life has been permanently altered and my art practice has been moving quite slow. And I came to an agreement with myself that it was ok that way. I can only do things I can do.

I decided to keep a record of this new life with my daughter, after the incident when she broke her leg, then she was 2 years old.  I felt quite horrible as a mother that this happened under my supervision, besides the fact that she was born premature. This experience was nothing like what my husband and I imagined of having a new baby, somewhat gave us a slap-on-your-face kind of a real harsh start. Life is tip·toeing on a thread thin rope. We've been lucky that she's strong; she survived without any health problem and is growing well. Having a kid is like each day is passing by so fast and intense that at the end of the day I'm too exhausted and can't remember anything, yet so slow as if I am waiting for something.

The story will be updated every Sunday. Only in Japanese.

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