Ended, P2P (Peer to Painting) studio shoot at Oboro Media Lab

By shie_kasai on 2009-04-06 19:19:43

It was the weekend March 28 and 29 when I had a studio shooting for P2P at the New Media Lab at Oboro. I had over a year to plan this project but I was starting to freak out that I didn't plan enough on the day of the performance! It was my first time using a real studio with a real technician (Thank you so much Aaron) and a few people working for me, the setup and the process seemed a real "professional" and was way too different from the way I usually work. I learned a lot over the weekend. I feel that if I ever have another chance working in a situation like this, I can probably prepare myself better.

We filmed our painting performance in the studio. The performance wasn't open to public but my after thought is that with the setting and everything the setup was very impressive, this could've have been a live performance, entertaining guaranteed. Maybe some other time in the future I can propose this as a live performance.

I ended up with about 7 hours of video footage. I intend to make a short film out of this, probably 20 minutes long or so. I also have 12 beautiful paintings made by four painters (including myself) during the performance. I hope to exhibit them somewhere, as well, in the near future. The fabulous painters who participated to P2P were Jeff Kulak, Jérôme Havre and Claudia Baltazar. Jenny and Dac were busy shooting video. Thanks so much for all your work!

More update on P2P to come.

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